Simplicity: The Profit Share Model That Works.
Revenue generated by each product sold is shared
between the seller, product supplier and AdVo.

There are no additional costs to the product sellers
or video publishers.

Flexible viewing options.
AdVo is designed to be as non-intrusive
and flexible as possible so that the viewing
experience is not compromised. The AdVo
player can be configured to limit the appearance
of AdVo product identifiers by product groupings
or categories to fit with the viewer’s preferences
and likes.

AdVo is also able to show product information
in a side panel or on a companion mobile
device to keep the main viewing area
clear of advertising.

Ever-growing list of products.
Our team is constantly identifying new products
and finding product locations in newly available
video content such as movies, TV series and music
video clips.

This means that the product marketplace is constantly
expanding to give the consumer more choice, leading to bigger sales numbers.

Product Seller Network.
Many newly identified products and items are already
covered by our seller network, however new sellers can join our network, competing with others to sell the same or similar products at more competitive prices or with other offers attached.
Intelligent Reporting for
Video Content Publishers.
Each product viewing and product purchasing
event is registered by AdVo and can be used to
create informative reports which can be cross
referenced with viewer demographics.

This business intelligence can be used
to tailor the viewing experience for each
individual or groups of similar individuals
to meet their interests.